It’s so simple:
Green transport for your goods

E-truck + terminal network – an unbeatable combination

Altogether our Contargo e-truck fleet, consisting of 32 e-trucks, travels 1,560,000 km in one year. We also use trains powered by green electricity for the main run. Our close-knit network of mainly trimodal container terminals plus e-trucks along the Rhine offers many different options and combinations for your transports.

Simple, flexible and individual

With econtargo, kilometres of our e-trucks and trains can be booked by you very easily and directly. Whether pre-carriage, on-carriage or main run, let us know which transports you want switched directly to econtargo and we will plan this for you. Your Contargo contact will be happy to advise you!

Reliable transport, thanks to
Germany’s biggest private charging infrastructure for heavy e-trucks

Another milestone on the way to decarbonisation is the development of our own forward-looking, high-performance charging infrastructure.

33 charging points, each with an output of 250 kW, guarantee comprehensive, flexible use of our e-trucks for local container transports, where they perform as well as their diesel equivalents in every way. Thus we offer you, as our customer, a reliable and future-oriented service.