-7 kg CO2e

With every Euro you invest in our green product, you help to ensure that an average of 7 kg CO2e is no longer emitted into the atmosphere.

Competitive advantage

Better transports with econtargo

There are already logistics service providers on the market advertising CO2e neutrality – so why should you decide in favour of econtargo? Because our product does what it promises. It stands for credible climate neutrality. Instead of relying on static avoidance or mere compensation, we actively avoid and reduce CO2e emissions!

The green “must-have” for your customers

Your customers want green? Then with a good conscience you can offer them a completely green transport chain from the pre-supplier onwards, and gain a real competitive advantage by doing so. With econtargo, we guarantee with 100 percent transparency that your Contargo transports will not generate emissions in the first place.

Strengthen the sustainable image of your enterprise

Use econtargo for your transports and come a big step closer to reaching the climate goals you have set yourself. Not only will you reduce your enterprise’s own CO2e footprint – you will also reduce Scope 3 emissions*, which are increasingly the focus of attention.

*Scope 3 emissions are caused by business activity but are not under the control of the enterprise itself.
They are generated for example by suppliers, service providers and employees.

Our green formula is definitely worthwhile

With econtargo, you not only save 88 % of CO2e compared to conventional transports using fossil fuels –
you also invest in active climate protection.

econtargo in comparison

(CO2e-calculation, example Mannheim-Rotterdam):

econtargo: – 94 % CO2e-savings compare to direct rucking – a clear climate winner!
Combined transport: – 74 % CO2e savings compared to direct trucking – climate friendly!
Direct truck: Only used by us in exceptional situations, when really necessary.